2023 Management Meeting and Full Staff Expansion

In order to release the work pressure, create a passionate, responsible, and happy working atmosphere, our company specially arranged the group construction activity named “unity and cooperation, create brilliant together”. This activity aims to enrich the spare time of employees, strengthen the team cohesion, enhance the unity and cooperation ability between teams.

On June 15, the activity was launched. First of all, our company organized a management meeting, to review the past, summarize experience, analyse the difference, clarify the next goal, and discuss the problems encountered in work. A good management meeting enables our teams to unify our thinking, unite the team, get feedback, keep improving, focus on goal, responsibilities arrives person, and cooperate to fight, so as to successfully complete the company’s annual goals. On June 16, our company organized a series of interesting activities, our employees gave full play to the spirit of teamwork, and excellently completed one activity task after another. The scene of the activity is both passionate and warm, and the employees in each activity have tacit cooperation, have carried forward the spirit of selfless dedication, solidarity and cooperation, mutual help and encouragement, and have enjoyed the passion of youth.

This activity strengthened the communication and collaboration between employees, but also let everyone deeply realize that the power of one person is limited, but the strength of a team is indestructible, and the success of the team requires the joint efforts of every member of us!

As the saying goes, a single thread does not make a line, a single tree does not make a forest! The same piece of iron, can be melted into nothing, but can also be made into steel. The same team, can be mediocre, but can also achieve great goals. There are various roles in a team, everyone must find their own position, because there is no perfect individual, only the perfect team!

2023 Man2023 Management Meeting and Full Staff Expansion1agement Meeting and Full Staff Expansion1  2023 Management Meeting and Full Staff Expansion2

2023 Management Meeting and Full Staff Expansion3

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