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  • High Power Amplifier
    High Power up to CW P-1500W
    Ultra-Wideband up to 20 octave
    High Frequency up to 40GHz
    High Efficiency up to 50%
    Excellent Linearity
    Extraordinary Harmonic Control
  • PIN Switch
    Low Insertion Loss
    High Isolation
    High Power up to 200W
    USB Control
    Fast Switch Speed
  • Low Noise Amplifier
    Low Noise Figure up to 0.5dB
    Ultra Wideband up to four octave
    High Frequency up to 40GHz
    High Linearity
    High Gain up to 60dB


MICZEN TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling high quality microwave communication products, the competitive product range covers Amplifier, PIN Switch, Attenuator, Phase Shifter, Filter, Power Divider and Microwave RF Module, which are widely used in the fields of Civilian Communications, Military Radar, Electronic Countermeasures, Satellite Receiving, etc. MICZEN owns a group of experienced design and development team, who have over 20-year working experience in microwave communication field, and our company is also equipped with a batch of first-class manufacturing equipment, so that the stability and reliability of production as well as after-sale services can be well managed. Since the company was established, we have developed a long-term and stable relationship on the basis of mutual trust and benefit with dozens of customers at home and abroad.